Space Warp Drive

Space Warp Drive

Base upon a new scientific theory, a space warp drive could reduce the travel time between stars from tens of thousands of years to days, weeks or months. Mr. H. G. White, a physicist and engineer with NASA is attempting to determine if faster-than-light travel or in layman’s terms “warp drive” could someday be a reality. The NASA team has been trying to slightly distort the trajectory of a photon, modifying the distance it travels in a certain space, and then analyzing the change with an apparatus called an interferometer.

NASA’s Dr. White states that “Space has been growing since the dawn of Big Bang 13.7 billion years ago”. He claims that “And we know that when you research some of the cosmology arrays, there were initial periods of the universe where there was explosive increases, where two points would’ve gone apart or receding away from each other at very brisk speeds. Nature is able to do it,” he stated. “So the question is, can we replicate this?”

Mexican physicist, Miguel Alcubierre stated in 1994, that faster than light speeds are in fact possible in ways that do not contradict Einstein resulting in a type of Space Warp Drive. Primarily, by harnessing the expansion and contraction of the areas of space themselves. Dr. Alcubierre’s supposition is that a space ship still couldn’t exceed light speed in a localized region of space. But a hypothetical propulsion system he drew out manipulated space and time by generating what he called a “warp bubble” that could enlarge space on one side of a spacecraft and reduce it on another thus causing a type of space vortex in the process.

This theory Space Warp Drive could reduce space travel times exponentially, making distances which today seem impossible to cover, reduce significantly.

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